• Jersey Pork Roll Gift Certificate, your favorite store to send “A Taste of Home” from. Right click on the photo and add your Certificate number once you receive it and then email or print and mail to the gift recipient. They can choose what and when to order!
  • Buy two-1lb blocks of Habbersett  Scrapple, the Philadelphia favorite since 1863.
  • 4lbs Habbersett Scrapple

    Order more of Philalephia’s Finest treat and save. Order four 1 lbs blocks of Habbersett Scrapple for the same low shipping price as 2lbs. Shipping USPS is $13.90. Additional and possibly lower priced shipping options are available at check out.
  • Sample of Philadelphia Favorites

    1.5 lbs Taylor Pork Roll and 1 lbs Habbersett Scrapple Philadelphia's favorites are also beloved foods of Jersey and Maryland - This package contains a 1 lb block of Habbersett Scrapple with a 1.5 lb (24 oz) Taylor Pork Roll.
  • Sale!
    Approx 2.5 x 2.5 inch hand-carved ornament,  decorated with real poppy seeds, each one is signed by the artist who first created them in 2003  Sandra Sutherland.  It looks just like  Taylor Ham and Cheese or, Pork Roll (The choice on what to call it is yours!) on a hard roll. Ms. Sutherland’s ornaments can be found in boutiques and gift shops from Asbury Park to Cape May. All ornaments are packaged in individual kraft boxes for gift giving