Do you have a story to share about Taylor Ham, childhood memories, stories from days gone by of Taylor Pork Roll at the Jersey Shore? Please submit one of your own and then scroll down to see what other people have said!

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    Your Memories of Taylor ham or Pork Roll

    April 2016
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Gary
    Hometown: Springfield, NJ
    Growing up in Springfield NJ I remember many mornings waking up to the smell of Taylor Ham frying….Loved the Taylor ham sandwiches that my mom made. My brother was the only one that remained in NJ and he used to send us Taylor ham every year around Christmas. He passed away late last year….now I will carry on the tradition for myself and my sisters!


    May 17 2015
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Charles Scott
    Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ
    I worked at Taylor Pork Roll on the Atlantic City Boardwalk the summer of 1969 as a teenager. I remember meeting Sandler and Young when they were appearing at the Steel Pier. They came in to eat and I asked them for an autograph picture which Ralph Sandler graciously dropped off to me. I also saw Pat Paulsen playing miniature golf outside the back door of Taylor’s. Lot’s of memories


    January 8, 2014
    From: Greg
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Papillion Ne

    as a Kid in Stratford NJ when I would come home for lunch my mom would have Taylor Ham sandwiches fixed for me with soup. I looked forward to that every day. When I moved away some 50 years ago I was not able to find it any where till now. I was over joyed to see it in the market brought back a lot of good memories. so I now have Taylor Ham once more.

    January 7, 2014
    Bob U

    Kate, v. v. Nice message. thank you and family for all your hard work to get us TH as you do.

    I  am a Jersey boy transplanted to Hoosier land- Bloomington, IN
    I will be 79 this year. I have been eating/enjoying Taylor Ham pork roll for well over 50 years- it began back in the day when I fixed my own school lunch ( my mother worked ) and carried it to NYC daily.  Every day the same: jersey hard roll, fried Taylor Ham slice and thick slice of Jersey tomato. I refused to eat the cafeteria lunch slop. Indelible in my memory.
    Also, back in the day roaming the boardwalk in Atlantic City and Asbury park with my family on trips/vacations, playing SkiBall, shooting Hoops and winning countless boxes of James salt water taffy,we would ALWAYS hit the Taylor Pork Roll storefront- we could smell the delicious stuff 75 yards away.
    So, thanks again and pls keep the T Pork Roll ROLLIN.  Happy New Year!     Bill U

    Name: Joseph Hughes
    Hometown: Middletown, NJ

    I grew up with Pork Roll my whole life and i love it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacking its amazing. I would eat it everyday before school and even at school. Now I live in Minnesota and can not find any here so….. When I get paid expect a big sale!
    From: Jimmy Mac
    Hometown: Born in Philly, live Agawam, Ma.

    First 25 years raised in Philly, loved the Pork Roll every Sunday dad made breakfast with steamed home fries. At 16 started driving to Atlantic City, my favorite place was the Taylor Pork roll store on the Boardwalk. The smell of the shore the boardwalk, and Pork Roll on the skewers rolling over the open flame, wow time for a Taylor Burger and Birch Beer! Now I only have to drive to Enfield Ct. The Shop Rite carries Taylor’s. we visit Ocean City & Wildwood N.J. Twice a year for last 30 years, never come home with out Pork Roll. Also stock up on Tastycake can not find that here yet. Thanks for a great product, just finished a Pork Roll sandwich — yum-yum.


    Name: Judy Klumb
    Hometown: Port Washington, WI

    I was born in Belleville, NJ. Some of my family still lives there. My grandma would make this for breakfast for us whenever we visited. She would also send it to Wisconsin for special occasions. Last year, 2012, my boss at work order some Taylor Pork Roll for me for Christmas. He gave it to me on Thursday, December 20th and I just cried because it was such a special gift! It reminded me for visiting relatives in New Jersey and my grandma. Before I could share this gift with my Dad, he passed away the next day.

    My boss did the same thing this year! A very special gift that shared with my sister and brother. Thank you so much for your Taylor Pork Roll.

    Judy Klumb
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: suzy
    Hometown: Peapack-Gladstone NJ

    Smelling the taylor pork roll my father used to
    make for the long walk to Bernardsville Highschool. I loved the way it would curl up and have 4 little slices in each serving.

    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Wendy
    Hometown: Linwood

    My mother worked at Taylor Pork Roll on the Ocean City boardwalk when she was 15 years old. I grew up between Linwood and Ocean City and went to Taylor Pork Roll for sandwiches every time I went to the boardwalk which was quite frequent. So sad when it left the boardwalk. I still send the pork roll to my brother in Florida. That and Johnson’s popcorn. Love it!
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Richard Vanderlippe

    Hometown: Chelmsford, MA

    I first tried Taylor Pork Roll at a boardwalk shop in Atlantic City many, many years ago (perhaps 60 years ago since I was much younger then (I am now 81).
    I have continued to enjoy this product heated and on bread or a toasted bun as a special treat ever since. Unfortunately it is not available at any of the supermarkets I current use so I was delight to find this web site and order a modest amount of the sliced version this morning. I don’t care if it does not arrive by Christmas. I will enjoy it whenever it does arrive.

    Kate- We will get that out to you asap, Mr. Vaderlippe and thank you for you business! Have a wonderful New Year!
    Januuary 21, 2013

    Name: Peter

    Hometown: Sequim, WA & Pittsfield, MA

    As a kid in the mid-60’s we would load up the Oldsmobile station wagon and head down the Taconic State Park-way to grandma’s house in Hawthorn, NJ. Breakfast was always in the dining room with china flatware. Grandpa would have gone to the butcher shop and purchased a pound or two of freshly sliced Taylor ham. It was an iconic smell at grandma and grandpas house. 40+ years later I just visited my folks in Central Florida. My mom got Taylor pork role at the deli at the Publix Market. I hadn’t smelled that unique aroma for decades, but instantly knew what was cooking for breakfast. A flood of memories as my parents are now as old as my grandparents were back in the day in Hawthorn, NJ. Thanks for the memories, I just found a Taylor Pork Role at my local grocery store and intend on introducing my west coast wife and kids to its wonderful flavor next weekend!
    January 28, 2013
    Name: Nancy Brining
    Hometown: Bordentown, NJ

    Growing up eating Pork Roll on a hard rolls with mustard and some cooked onions and green pepper was pure comfort food. When I moved away we were not able to get it in any of the states we lived in. Whenever a family member came to visit their ticket into the house was a roll of Taylors Pork Roll.It has been years since I had it and lately I have been craving a good pork roll sandwich. There are two childhood favorites that I have never forgot and have never found anywhere other than in NJ. 1) Taylors Pork Roll, 2)A real hoggie. We have a Jersey Mikes now and they are close but still haven’t hit the childhood memory of what it should taste like. If I can’t find any sold locally I guess I will have to order some.

    January 2, 2013
    From: Susan E. Vigelis
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Katy, Tx & Kempton, Pa
    AAAAAH! The smell of Taylor Porkroll filling my Pop-Pops house when I spent weekends with him in Philadelphia. As a grownup with 2 children, I carried on the porkroll tradition, in the Lehigh Valley.
    Now, a transplant in southern Texas, Taylor Porkroll is as non-existant as snow.
    I am going to order some for my own ”personal stash”. And if forced to, I’ll share some with my husband.
    Thank You for such a delicious and memory making food.

    December 16, 2012
    From: Mariana Franco Robertson Hall
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Wilton, CT & Seaside Park, NJ

    Ahh, Taylor Ham…the memories. Reminds me of our summers as townies in Seaside Park – leaving the beach in the afternoon and stopping at the pork roll stand on the Fun Town Pier boardwalk for a sandwich before our walk to the house.

    Reminds me of cold mornings in college at Temple University in Philadelphia and my first real job. Stopping at the deli to get a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich on a hard roll (with ketchup, of course). Walking to the office with a foil wrapped piece of heaven – them opening it at my desk. Aaahh, the aroma would fill my little office.

    Reminds me of going back to New Jersey from Charleston, SC to visit family with my late husband. Diner trips in the morning were a daily pilgrimage – just to have a Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese sandwich on a hard roll and steaming hot coffee.

    And now, introducing my California raised husband to the joys of Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches on weekend mornings!

    Its all wonderful happy memories!!!
    From: Susan Jung
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Nutley

    I remember frying up the Taylor ham on Saturdays for lunch! I live in Michigan now and they have NO idea what it is!!!!! I miss it and NJ soooo much!!!!! 🙁
    December 9, 2012
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Donna C, Sherman Oaks, CA
    Hometown: Cranford, New Jersey
    I moved to California when I was 3 years old. Every year when we would come back to NJ, my grandfather would buy us 8 rolls of Taylor Ham. He would wrap them in foil and freeze them and then pack them in my carryon bag. There is no Taylor Ham in California. Nothing brings me back to my childhood like a Taylor Ham and Ketchup sandwich!!

    Dec 1, 2012
    From: scott immordino
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Morrisville PA
    When I was a kid in the late 60’s my friends and I walked over the Calhoun Street Bridge from Morrisville PA to Trenton NJ to visit the museum and watch a movie. Right next to the movie house was a Taylor Pork Roll restaurant. We ended our visit by eating 2 or 3 pork roll sandwiches before we walked home.
    My sons are just now learning what I missed since I moved away for work.
    November 28, 2012
    From: Amanda Pamatmat
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Long Beach, Ca

    My mom is from NJ and every year we vacationed in Yosemite for a week. Every single year before our trip, mom, dad, me and my sister would drive from Long Beach to the Los Angeles farmer’s market to pick up a Taylor’s Pork Roll to take with us to Yosemite. This was our tradition for about 20 years. We don’t do the family trip anymore, so I am getting a Pork Roll for Christmas morning as a surprise for my family. Thanks for all the memories!
    November 28, 2012
    From: Lynda William
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Monroe, LA

    I grew up in Bergen and it was always Taylor Ham to me. We spent summer weekends in Ortley and I am so sad by the news from the Hurricane. It all reminded me how much I miss New Jersey. I moved here in 2002 to be near my parents in their retirement. It is hot and they know fried food but they know nothing of the culinary delights of NY! They eat all sorts of pork but never heard of pork roll! I just bought my self a Christmas presnt and my father, now 87 will be thrilled!
    November 24, 2012
    From: Gayle Gaddis
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Scotch Plain

    Always looked forward to the pork roll we ate every summer at Seaside Heights . I moved to Texas in 1964 and my parents and now my sister brings me some whenever they visit. Glad I found Jerseyporkroll on the internet so can have it and Sabrett’s hot dogs whenever I like. It will be be a big treat but it will never be like eating it on the boardwalk.
    November 24, 2012
    From: Randy Anderson
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Howell NJ.

    I grew up on Pork Roll, egg, cheese and potato breakfast subs form A’s Subs in Belmar. I wish California had them.

    From: Suzanne
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Denville, NJ

    I used to eat a Taylor Ham sandwich back in the 1960s every day after school. My friend would fry it up and make us each a sandwich. I live in the south now, but have fond memories of it. A current friend who was just up there working, brought me back a package. I can’t wait until I get off work – I’m gonna have it for supper!!!

    November 20, 2012
    From: Mags

    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Monmouth County, NJ

    I lived in NJ from the time I was born and for 33 years until I moved to Northern VA (Washington DC area). There are stores that carry the small box here, which was reassuring after I realized that Pork Roll isn’t a staple here…nor were realor Italian Delis! But as far as memories, ate it as a side for breakfast growing up, but mostly as a breakfast sandwich from the local deli, or when I worked construction, from the ’roach coach’ on site. My favorite on a kaiser was pork roll, egg, cheese with sauteed onions with a bit of salt, pepper, ketchup (SPK!). Okay, now I’m craving!!

    October 1, 2012
    Name: Vincent Rovito
    Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

    I always called it Taylor Ham. The first time I heard it called Taylor Pork Roll was at Barny’s in Seaside Heights back in the 70’s. It was an outdoor breakfast bar by the Sea Garden Hotel. The main reason I stayed at that hotel was because of Barny’s. We need to get Taylor Pork roll in other states. Not just NJ.
    September 26, 2012
    From: Thomas Mack McGarvey
    Hometown: Merced California

    While growing up in New Jersey my family and I would visit relatives in Oceanside, and Alantic city and go on the boardwalk to watch the diving horse. Yes this was late 50” -60”s amd we would always go to the porkroll (Taylors) stand for a sandwich. While in Southern Califoria @ the farmers market in LA there was a store that carried the Taylors Pork Roll. I make a trip every year. It’s a 5 hr drive each way, and I stock up…You cant put a distance on a great memory, or product..
    From: Liz Schimmel Subject: Wonderful Memories

    This past Sunday I was at a restaurant and discovered it served Taylor Porkroll. I couldn’t believe it – the same Taylor Porkroll which my mom served us 5 kids in Maryland in the 60’s and 70’s. Nothing can replace the memories of the excitement of the days when Taylor Porkroll was on the menu! I grew up and moved west and it has been over 35 years since I have had Taylor Porkroll although I have thought about finding it several times. Having found it out a restaurant last Sunday caused me to share my finding with my brother and parents which led to your website. Now I can pass along our finding Taylor Porkroll to my family for them to enjoy!
    ————————————————————————————————-August 10, 2012
    From: Rich
    Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA

    First experienced Taylor Pork Roll at a bagel shop downtown Wilkes-Barre. It was served on a freshly made bagel, with 2 eggs and american cheese. Salt and pepper was put on the sandwich whether you asked for it or not. Since then that bagel shop has closed up and you can NOT find Taylor Pork roll served at any restaurants in Northeast PA which is sad. I did manage to locate it at just about every local supermarket though (in the bacon/hot dog section). Been buying it at supermarket since but I would love to see some local restaurants start offering it on breakfast sandwiches. This stuff may be better than bacon

    July 27, 2012 11:13 AM
    From: Cate
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories

    Hometown: Belleville NJ
    My Dad used to buy Pork Roll in a large sleeve. When you slice it, you always had to make a slit before frying it to make sure it laid flat! I now live in North Myrtle Beach,SC and believe it or not you can purchase it down it – 1/4 of the sleeve my father bought but still the same flavor! Also a good bagel place here sells ’taylor ham,egg & cheese on a toasted bagel -YUM!! no rolls (they are not the same) and they do not ask if you want salt,pepper,
    Jul 24, 2012
    Name: CARLOS R JR
    Hometown: Los Angeles

    My sweet memory…Born, raised, live and work in Southern California. However I did alot of traveling for work. Last year 2011 I was on a job site in Egg Harbor, NJ. The electrician on the job is a good friend who grew up in Trenton. One day he decides to grill for the crews, and what does he bring out? PORK ROLL!! The other crew was from Indiana, me from Cali, so we never saw or heard of this. All it took was one bite, and we were HOOKED! Later we all did another job in Athens,GA. What does our good electrician have shipped in…PORK ROLL!

    We even got them GA. boys hooked on this great stuff.

    July 23, 2012

    From: Patti Bennington
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Grinnell, Iowa

    I met and married a man from Morristown, NJ in the late 1970’s. He kept raving about missing Taylor ham and that he wanted his mother to ship him some. Living in Iowa (the pork capital of the U.S.) I thought he was crazy. However, once I tasted this wonderful ham I started bringing it home with us everytime we visited Jersey, which was quite often. I think I ended up liking it about as much as he did.
    July 22, 2012
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Name: Christine

    Hometown: Lowell MA

    I used to live in Jersey 15 years ago and I missed the famous pork roll! When I found this site I was thrilled but concerned about ordering in the summer, well my order of pork roll and Sabrett hot dogs were delivered quickly and arrived ice cold in the middle of a July heat wave! I couldn’t pass by the salt water taffy either. Oh the memories that brought back of being a kid at the Jersey shore!

    This company knows how to pack and mail their products with expertise and low cost! I will definitely be ordering from Jersey Pork Roll again!

    Thanks for shipping a bit of my Jersey home back to me!

    July 22, 2012
    From: Bob silver
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories
    Hometown: Belleville, N.J.

    My memories of Taylor Ham are growing up in Jersey. A big and delicious treat was getting a Taylor Ham sandwich on a good hard roll. The best sandwich ever made. I have tried to explain how great it was to friends in Ohio where I live now and they just don’t get it.
    July 21, 2012
    Name: Jonnell Waller
    Hometown: WASHINGTON,D.C. but I live in Falls Church, VA.

    I was born to the stuff in 1950 . It was my Dad who turned me on to it, and that’s all I ate during my childhood, and adult life, just not as much, but now I am 62 and I still love it and when I eat a sandwich it takes me back to me and my Dad and my Grandmother fixing us our sandwiches. They are both gone BUT i am still eating Pork Roll when my stomach allows,and thinking of them,and NO I do not share !

    Name: judy lofton
    Hometown: Columbus, MS
    Subject: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll Memories:

    My memory.. I first learned about Taylor Pork Roll while visiting Cape May, NJ for my son’s wedding.(My new daughter’s grandfather lives in Cape May) They had me to try the pork roll for the first time! Wow! It was delicious! When we returned to MS, I had to find someone that could ship me a pork roll.. I did.. My friend, Kate!
    We have thoroughly enjoyed it! I love the pork roll as much as I love the State of NJ. No more vacations on the Florida beaches or the mountains of TN..I’m going back to New Jersey next year!

    SENT: 06/27/2012
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Dennis Harman

    Thanks Kate! I received my order an hour ago…….my pork roll “fix” is ok now. When I was a kid back in the early 1950’s my dad would take me and my brothers down to the Atlantic City Boardwalk on a weekend and we’d all get lunch at the Taylor’s Porkroll shop and eat it while watching the waves crash on the beach. One slice of pork roll, one slice of square cheese, and a healthy squirt of yellow mustard on a Kaiser roll. And a root beer. One of my best childhood memories…….thanks again.

    Dennis (happy customer) Harman


    The Memories from 2-11 to 6-12 will be added soon
    SENT: 02/06/2011
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Sue – Sayreville

    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I grew up on Pork Roll and so did my kids. I really don’t have a favorite memory to tell you here. However, my son is in the AirForce at Lackland AFB in Texas and is dying for a PorkRoll and Cheese sandwich. I was looking for a way tosend him some and a friend suggested this site. I will be ordering and sending this “carepackage”. Brian is going to be he envy of the dorms to all those other Jersey boys there and give the other boys a
    “taste of Jersey” they will never forget. Thank you for this service.
    I sent my son the website as well and I am sure he wil be ordering
    some himself.


    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Donna Maffia, Harrison, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My husband moved our family away from New Jersey 10 years ago. It was not a happy time for me and my young son. I yearned for Taylor ham every Sunday morning. After we divorced I moved back to Harrison and my first stop was a visit to The Topps Diner to introduce my teenage son to Taylor ham. He exclaimed that faithful day “Mom, Now I see why you dragged me to Harrison, Taylor ham really is worth the trip”


    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Joseph Jaffa; Baltimore, Maryland
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: When I was a child, no vacation to Atlantic City was complete without eating a Taylor pork roll sandwich on the Boardwalk. I’ve been buying it all my life and no matter how good it is, I can never duplicate the taste that it hadthere. I’ve fried, broiled and microwaved it. O, for another sandwich by the sea!

    SENT: 01/19/2011

    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Lloyd Milat , Newark NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I live in Texas now and of course Jersey food is almost outlawed here. I lived in the Iron Bound section of Newark until about ’60, in what we called five corners on Merchant Street. During the school year one of the places I went for lunch was a diner around the corner from my house across from the Rivoli Theater, can’t remember the name of it, but it was down the street from Saul’s Deli. I always ordered Taylor’s ham on a roll, and to this day I can remember the taste. Glad to have found your site and will be sending for some so my family can be blessed also. Now do you know where I can get Bonomo’s Turkish taffy and good Lemon ice?

    SENT: 02/01/2011

    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Mark Dunlap Paterson, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Taylor ham, not pork roll as the pinies call it, has always been one of my favorite foods as long as I can remember. I have moved to SC and am now leading a porkrollless life 🙁 That is until I found out youz guyz deliver. My goomba’s, Joey bag o’donuts and Nicky Newark get me the TH on the down low. Now I’m rockin B’fast in SC Jerzey style.

    BTW, no one knows what exit here either.


    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Bill and Char -Piscataway, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Born and raised in Jersey!
    Love Taylor Ham and always will. I can’t keep it in the house long enough – my kids get ahold of it and gobble it down! Will always and forever be a fan of Taylor Ham & Cheese! (Mines with Ketchup!)

    SENT: 01/09/2011

    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Bridget, Rutgers grad
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I still am nostalgic for those late nights at Rutgers in the 70’s, when after studying till the wee hours we stuffed a gang in someone’s car and headed to the Blue Fountain Diner in Piscataway. I always had the Taylor ham and cheese on a hard roll with a big slab of Jersey beefsteak tomato. I also remember as a very young kid, my grandfather (from Rahway) taking great pride in his cooking technique for Taylor ham – slashing the edges and browning it just so. Why do we always remember the simplest of pleasures? I’m in Chicago now, and will definitely be ordering!

    SENT: 12/12/2010

    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Trenton, New Jersey
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My visits to New Jersey are few and far between, but I would always get some Taylor Pork Roll to bring home to Louisiana. I have great memories, growing up in Trenton, NJ, of my grandmother cooking Taylor Pork Roll for breakfasts. I was so happy to find this site! And the shipping was really quick, and I was thrilled that it arrived well chilled. But of course I had to cook some before it made it to the refrigerator! My son (born in Louisiana) said “What IS that?”. He soon found out and he loves it too!
    SENT: 11/04/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Max Putter-Phila,Pa.
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: worked at a photo place next to a Taylor Pork roll shop. Loved watching the pieces of meat go don the line, then put on a roll, and adding the baq b que sauce to the sandwich. Can buy pork roll at the supermarkets at the jersey shore, but still cannot duplicate the sauce. Also, remember having a Tay Burger. Pork roll and Hamburger on a sandwich.
    SENT: 11/18/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Cameron Bach
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My memory starts as an adult!
    My husband and his family are from Philadelphia, but owned a house in Wildwood, NJ. They vacationed there every summer, and after I met my husband, we would go there with our family as well. His mom (may she rest in peace) stayed all summer in the house after my father-in-law passed away. One summer when we were visiting she asked if I wanted a Taylor Pork Roll sandwich. I was a little scared, thought it might taste like Scrapple, which I am not too fond of. She assured me that it was a pretty special thing, and proceeded to make the most amazing breakfast sandwich I have EVER had. When she placed the pork roll in the frying pan, she made one cut from the center out so it laid flat and browned evenly. She placed it on a toasted English muffin with a perfectly fried egg and a slice of cheese. I will never forget it. I now have TPR and egg several times a week, and every time I make that little cut, I think of my mother in law, she was a wonderful person, and I miss her!
    SENT: 10/24/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Alex from River Edge NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Since the time when I was a boy, only Taylor Ham has fully captivated me as a breakfast meat. Taylor on a long roll with scrambled egg and a touch of butter. Perfection if you ask me.

    I now live far far away in the great state of Alaska, and along with a good bagel, a slice of pizza, and a Sabrett, one of the four food groups I must seek out each time I visit my home state of New Jersey is Taylor Ham. Nothing in the world is like Taylor Ham, and part of me suspects that there is a tiny bit of crack in it to make it addictive. I?m hooked!
    SENT: 10/17/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: N.Miller,Chester.NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: WhenI was 15 I began working as a short order cook in Chester diner where I first encountered pork roll.being that I just recently moved with my family from Rhode island I was curious to try it out.I invented a sandwich with a fresh buttered a hardroll(pechters)Mustard, 2 thin slices of Taylor ham, 2 fried eggs, a slice of american cheese and topped with fresh grilled home fries.” now this was a serious Breakfast sandwich “for a little spice I would add some Mild to hot peppers.
    SENT: 10/16/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Janice Casey
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Before the days of internet, and after our family had moved from New Jersey to Little Rock, AR, my parents missed the unique flavor of Taylor Ham but couldn’t find it anywhere in this area. Evidently, my father mentioned this to a good friend and business associate back in NJ, and he bought a roll and mailed to us. Then it bacame a semi-annual ritual for him around Christmas and Easter. Since this gift was sent just a couple of timesa year, it was a rare and special treat, and we would anxiously look forward to the arrival of the Taylor Ham. These wonderful “special shipments” from the family friend began in 1957 and continued until 2004, the year before my father died. In the latter years Mother and Daddy would share a few slices of the roll with me, a married mother of three, so I could let my husband and kids taste the goodness ofsomething unavailable to us otherwise. And now, on this Saturday morning, I awoke to the smell of “regular” pork sausage, and found myself craving the flavor of Taylor Ham, to the point of being able to actually smell that tangy aroma. So here I am on the internet ordering a memory that will remain with me all my days.
    SENT: 10/12/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Elizabeth, Hamilton NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Since I was a little girl, my grandparents used to make Pork Roll for Sunday breakfast after church. My parents kept the tradition and now I have passed this on to my two girls. My oldest lives in Missouri (Grad School) and we regularly overnight her Pork Roll and Bagels-only the best from New Jersey!
    SENT: 05/24/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Nathan, Flagstaff, AZ (formerly Bloomington, IN)
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Although I grew up in the midwest (a pork-roll free environment), my grandparents lives in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Every summer when we would go visit them my grandpa would grill (thick slices of) pork rolls and his home grown corn. The smell of pork rolls on the grill quickly became associated with summers playing in his backyard or swimming in the pool, and always with New Jersey.

    I now live in Flagstaff, Arizona and don’t get back to New Jersey as often, but every now and then my mom will send me a gift of a couple pork rolls. I’ll fire up the grill, slice them up thick, and cook up some corn to go with them, and it still brings back childhood memories of summer vacations in New Jersey.

    SENT: 06/02/2010
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: when i lived in NJ as a younger kid on Sundays for breakfast most of the time we would walk up to Krauzers and buy pork roll egg and american cheese sandwich on a kaiser roll. yum they made the best pork roll sandwiches. now i live in ohio and only get to have pork roll when my grandmas friend from new york(who drives a truck for the usps) brings it as a treat. which isn’t often sadly.
    SENT: 06/05/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Dan… West New York N.J & Belmar N.J
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: The story was always the same but it was always fun…Drunk at 3 or 4 A.M go to Pats Diner on Hwy 35 in Belmar, everyone eats Pork roll egg & cheese. Everyones loud & rowdy but the overnight shift of waitresses are made for it..Actuallywe were loud all the time, it’s a Jersey thing & im proud of it.. I still eat it today but I actually grill it now..
    SENT: 06/08/2010 at 01:15
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Ellen—Florida
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My dad who was born in New Jersey grew up loving Taylor Pork Roll and Scrapple. My sister who lives in Kentucky and my brother who lives in Ohio cannot find it anywhere for my father. I live in the central part of Florida and I am so very lucky to find it in the grocery stores here.

    My father just turned 100 years old and for the 10 years he livedwith me we both had scrapple and pork roll often. He is now living with my sister in Kentucky and is disappointed he cannot find it there.

    Luckily I found your site where I can order it online and send it to him on those special days. I just ordered some again for Father’s Day coming up. I will continue ordering it on all those special occasions online for him.

    Thanks Kate and I want you to know that my father who is heading for his 101st birthday will really be excited when that package is delivered to him. Thanks again, Ellen
    SENT 06/08/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Ellen—Florida

    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My dad who was born in New Jersey grew up loving Taylor Pork Roll and Scrapple. My sister who lives in Kentucky and my brother who lives in Ohio cannot find it anywhere for my father. I live in the central part of Florida and I am so very lucky to find it in the grocery stores here.

    My father just turned 100 years old and for the 10 years he lived with me we both had scrapple and pork roll often. He is now living with my sister in Kentucky and is disappointed he cannot find it there.

    Luckily I found your site where I can order it online and send it to him on those special days. I just ordered some again for Father’s Day coming up. I will continue ordering it on all those special occasions online for him.

    Thanks Kate and I want you to know that my father who is heading for his 101st birthday will really be excited when that package is delivered to him.

    Thanks again, Ellen
    SENT: 06/12/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Jared Kinter Formerly of Bound Brook NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I was born in the great state of New Jersey on May 14th 1981 and spent the first 13 years of my life living in Bound Brook. My brother and I grew up eating Taylor Pork Roll every saturday and most sunday mornings. In 1994 sadly we left the great state of NJ and moved to Florida to start anew, much to my surprise Publix supermarkets in FL were carrying Taylor Pork Roll so I got to have that taste of home that made me misty eyed and miss NJ terribly. I now live with my current wife and our 13 month old daughter Autumn Rayne in Tennessee. Me and my wife got together in April of 2008 and ever since I had been telling her about How wonderful NJ is and all about Taylor Pork Roll! At first she didn’t seem to keen on it.

    In August of 2009 we took a trip out to Oil City, Pa where my mother had moved to… my dismay none of the grocery stores carried Taylor Pork Roll! Luckily we had planned a trip down to my uncles house in Howell Twnshp NJ for a few days, That first morning we were there my uncle made Pork Roll and Cheese Sandwiches forbreakfast and my wife had her very 1st taste of it and fell in love with it instantly! I on the other hand had to brush back a few tears because of how much i missed it and missed NJ. My wife found your website and today we placed an order for 6lbs of Taylor Pork Roll, I finally will have that taste of home that will bring back tearful but happy childhood memories of My home that i miss so dearly and of my late father whom always made it for us the weekends. Only in The great state of NJ can you find a food that after taking one bite will bring back so many memories. Thank you so much for creating this website so that Former New Jerseyian’s such as myself can have that small piece of home that we have missed so much!

    Jared Kinter
    SENT: 06/22/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Dan, Albuquerque, NM
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Taylor Ham Sandwiches on the boardwalk, probably Seaside Heights or Seaside Park, 50’s & 60’s. Not those wimpy thin-sliced ones. As thick as a burger; done on a grill, burger bun, mustard. More, please!
    SENT: 07/09/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Michael, Columbia,NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I can remember back to the late 70’s & 80’s when working in the car dealers in North Jersey at break time it was always a treat to go to the deli & get a taylor pork roll & egg on a hard roll with salt pepper & ketchup. Now my wife & I have been living in upstate NY for the last 7 years & I miss those morning sandwichs, time to order more so we can still have the taste of NJ here in NY state. When ever my older brother comes up from Florida to visit my brothers & I he has to have a taylor pork roll sandwich at least once before leaving NJ.
    SENT: 08/22/2010
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My family spent a week each summer in Ocean City, NJ. I have my favorite memories of the boardwalk there, and one of them is the Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches from Litterer’s. I can practically smell them now! My mom visits and brings me a Taylor pork roll every once in awhile, and my family raves
    that it makes the best egg sandwiches!
    SENT: 09/14/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Lorraine Scott Westwood, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Best memories, Diner Breakfast any diner in NJ, but the Westwood Diner in the 60″s, Taylor Ham,eggs, and homefries, toast and coffee.

    When did I really miss it. Five years ago when I moved to Oklahoma and nobody knew what I was talking about. When I go to the East Coast to visit I but at least 6 rolls and freeze.

    Thank you I can now order it.

    Love it.
    New Jersey transplant in Okie.
    SENT: 09/23/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: tommy from wallington nj
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: i now live in nc. i remember going to the diner after going out and ordering cheeseburger topped with taylor ham or getting a THEC w/ SPK and home fries on a roll…that was the best
    SENT: 09/28/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Peggy, Morrrisville, PA now Phoenix, AZ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My Dad worked for Taylors Provision Co for 30 years so we grew up on pork roll. One of the employees bonuses was getting a 6 pound roll every paycheck so we ate it morning, noon and night. At the time it certainly wasn’t considered a “Treat”. Now I long for the taste of a pork roll, egg, cheese sandwich. In our house it was just called “Taylors”, the other brand was a “NO NO”!
    SENT: 12/19/2009
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Jim McNamara, Oceanside, California (nee NJ)
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: Spent most of my life in NJ and my mother always had Taylor pork roll for Sunday breakfast. Now I my Aunt in Bloomfield at least twice a year and usually stay with friends in Florham Park. My friends wife ALWAYS has taylor ham for me and almost everytime I visited I have a small Taylor ham “roll”
    to take home. I truly miss Taylor Ham.
    SENT: 12/19/2009
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: west orange nj
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I know live in Corpus Christi,TX.They really don’t have Taylor ham.I have seen it at a one place but not all the time.My parents just gave my family some as a Christmas gift. Well its all gone.We will most likely be ordering some in the near future.I work at a grocery store and would love to see them carry it.

    Thank You
    John Yekel
    SENT: 12/20/2009
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: georgette originally from Trenton, New Jersey
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I was about 7-8 when I think I had my first Taylor Pork Roll and egg sandwich, I live in Arkansas now, and they do not have it in the area I am now. I will not eat squirrel,(which they do a lot) but I will definitly eat my Taylor Pork Roll, fried with eggs, or potatoes, yum..

    I really miss it.
    I am ordering some asap.

    SENT: 12/24/2009
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: claire now living in Florida
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: I found this site because I was telling my son who was born in florida about taylor ham and decided to check it out on the web. I was lucky, I lived in Union and we had a taylor ham eatery. It was small, with seats at the counter with taylor ham cooking on the grill. I use to like it with onions and ketchup on white bread. Now I eat it with cheese.

    We also stayed in Bradly Beach for the summer months and would go to Asbury Park Boardwalk to the Taylor Pork Store. They cooked it on an open fire grill. It was so good. And of course at every diner in NJ, those late night snacks of eggs and taylor ham. yummm!!!
    SENT: 01/20/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Nancy Matthews, Seaford, DE
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: When I lived in Ocean City, NJ, when I was much younger, there was a place on the boardwalk where you could get a Taylor Pork Roll sandwich. I moved recently to DE and they hardly know what I’m talking about, and don’t know to cut a couple notches in each slice and fry it.
    SENT: 01/21/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Larry Coppa Bloomingdale, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My wife and I have been living in Florida for the past 10 years and you can not by Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese in amy breakfast shop. You have to make it yourself. While takling to a friend of ours also from Jersey he told us that when he moved to Florida he was in a shop and asked for Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese and he was asked in return ‘How do you tailor a ham’.
    SENT: 02/17/2010 at 05:53
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Karen Grimes/ Montcalir NJ/ Presently Located
    in Ocala, Fl
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My best memory is at the Meadowlands Racetrack “Kitchen” for the the backside workers. I was a Hot Walker, graduated to groom and then exercise rider for John Lenzini. At 5:30 AM, starving and facing the cold and hard work, I`d go to the Kitchen and order Taylor Ham and Cheese on a Kaiser during the
    ” break” ( when they dragged the track to improve surface condition)…Last time I was up north I found a place and ate like 4 sandwiches in one sitting. it was worth the tummy ache…

    I worked at Belmont Park too and Liz`s Kitchen did not have Taylor Ham. Whatss up with that?

    When I moved to Fl.Tayor ham was hard to find but I got Publix to order it for me.


    Karen Grimes, Jersey Girl in Ocala Florida ( Where`s that?…)
    SENT: 02/23/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Michael Chango Kenilworth, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: As a young boy in NJ I was raised on Taylor Ham. We’d have it with breakfast, on star rolls or just by itself. We moved to Florida in 1978 where low and behold no Taylor Ham……..Fortunately my fathers parents would come for vacation every June for two weeks and when they would arrive their trunk was packed with Italian bread, sticks of pepperoni, Tastykake Krimpetts and of course Taylors pork roll, oh man were we in heaven.
    It fast became a very special treat for us all gaurded very closely by my father LOL. We would have 10 6lb rolls in the deep freeze and we were lucky if they made it to September. Since those days Publix stores in Florida started selling it and we were once again in heaven with a steady supply of the good stuff. I’m now 46 and live in NW PA and to my dismay NO TAYLOR HAM….LOL I live for the day that I find it in my area so once again I can be in heaven. Breakfast just isn’t
    the same without you my dear pork roll.
    SENT: 03/23/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Michelle Lacy

    I am 61 years old, and have lived in California since I was a mere 12. Needless to say, it has been difficult to get my beloved Taylor’s Pork Roll on a regular basis. Being the youngest of five children, I’m sure it was served in our household long before I was born, and I’m also sure my first bite came as soon as my teeth were strong enough to chew. The unmistakable taste, fragrance and texture of this unbelievable meat is unparalleled to any other I’ve yet to experience in my lifetime! My 60th birthday was on November 4, 2008, and I asked for only two things: I wished that Barack Obama would become our new President; and I wished I could have my Pork Roll for breakfast. We were visiting Palm Springs at the time, and..not only did I get both of my wishes, but my big brother surprised me and showed up to share some of the Pork Roll treat! We both oooohed and ahhhhhhed and moaned and groaned to have our favorite meal together after all these years. It was the sweetest birthday ever. My only problem right now is that I am DYING for a piece of that fried up, clipped edged, scrumptious Taylor’s Pork Roll, and I’m gonna have to wait until my order gets
    placed, filled and delivered!!!!! I HATE it when that happens………………….
    SENT: 03/28/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Patti Antinucci, Lawrenceville, NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My fondest memories of eating Pork Roll are when I would go down to Seaside Park, NJ when I was a teenager. I couldn’t wait to go to one of the open restaurants on the boardwalk and order a pork roll and cheese on a roll. Of course, an order of french fries was needed along with a large coca cola. I would sit on the stool and eat my sandwich and watch the waves roll onto the shore. I could still smell the pork roll cooking on the grill in the restaurant. My Dad used to bring home a very large roll of pork roll. I buy pork roll in the supermarket now. I also order a pork roll and cheese at Stewart’s Root Beer Stand in Lawrenceville. Thanks for the memory.
    SENT: 04/13/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Judy Groenveld Campbell Lyndhurst NJ
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: In grammar school I always looked forward to the spelling test on Friday morning. I had a standing promise from my Dad..if I got an “A” on the test my reward was a Taylor Ham & Cheese sandwich from Rick’s Diner on Park Ave. Poor Dad had to reward me EVERY week. I never got an “A” in any other subject so I guess my lovefor Taylor Ham was my incentive and my Dad’s love for me was to pick the one subject he knew I excelled in.

    I now live in Gainesville GA & get my stash of Taylor Ham at Publix. The cashiers always comment about being from NJ, the Taylor Ham is the clue to them, plus my “Yankee Accent!!”
    SENT: 04/21/2010
    MY NAME AND HOMETOWN: Kevin Shumway, Skaneateles, NY
    MY MEMORIES OF TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL: My family moved to Willingboro, NJ, in 1967, and when we got our first copy of the school lunch menu for the month, “Taylor Pork Roll” was the featured entree somewhere in the middle of the month. We couldn’t imagine what that might be, but I’ll never forget how good that first bite was! Seeing Taylor Pork Roll on that mimeographed sheet always brought a little cheer, as there were some dishes far more forgettable (I’d mention
    some, but I really HAVE forgotten them!). Although we always kidded about what part of the pig a “pork roll” might come from, we never saw any go uneaten. Now that the Amish are making inroads into Upstate NY, they are opening stores that carry all the foods I grew up with – Pork Roll among them!
    Chris Hanlon 02/09/2008
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: When I was a child in New Jersey on Saturday my parents would go to a local bakery and buy snowflake rolls, and then go to the A&P and buy a roll of pork roll /Taylor Ham, for Sunday morning, it was DAD’S day to treat Mom and myself to breakfast, it was always Taylor Ham / pork roll, a fried egg , american cheese and a slice of fried onion. This was my dads breakfast for as long as I can remember. The flavor until this day brings me fond memories of those mornings much less the unfogettable taste.

    I now live on the west coast, in a conversation with a friend I told him of this memory, he never heard of Taylor Ham/ pork roll, I told him your product was a treat that should not be missed.

    I went on the internet an found your website and fowarded my memory of your delicious treat.
    Sharon, West Orange, NJ February 10, 2008
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: I think we always had taylor ham at my house.
    As a kid I remember having it on Saturday morning for breakfast as a teen at any given time. After a crazy night out with freinds everyone went to the diner for Taylor ham and cheese. Earlier in the morning came the Taylor ham egg and cheese. After ordering you heard the question “salt,pepper,ketchup?”. Fries were always a good side!
    I now live in Fla and luckily I can still get Taylor pork roll at one location, unlike my freind that moved to California and has her mother ship it to her by the case. The things we’ll do for our beloved Taylor ham!
    always a Jersey girl at heart- SHARON
    Bob from Gillette, NJ…now in Southern California August 2, 2007
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: I am ecstatic that I happened upon this site! I grew up in New Jersey on Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches. I’d split one with my Dad probably once a week until I was big enough to finish one myself. I have looked everywhere on the west coast and have never found Taylor ham, anywhere…now i find that I can have it delivered to my house! Enough with the stories, I need to put my order in now.
    Lynn Cruse – Lock Haven, PA
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: When I was a little girl in the 50s, my family would vacation in Atlantic City every summer. Although we did not have much, Mom and Dad wanted us to experience the good things in life – so, with six kids in the family, we learned to vacation cheaply! We ate meals Mom prepared from home but one of the big treats of our week in AC was a stop at the Taylor Pork Roll booth. Dad, a connoisseur of all delicious foods, felt the experience was worth the expense. We would each get a sandwich and I remember eating it as slowly as I could, savoring each delicious bite, knowing the memory of the sandwich would have to last a whole year. Although my dad passed several years ago, when I savor one of your delicious pork roll sandwiches, I feel him with me. Thank you, Taylor Pork Roll People, for not changing one ingredient in that perfectly delicious food memory!
    Jeffrey Frankford, NJ July 17 2007
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: Well everytime my dad drove me to school we would stop and get Taylor Ham and egg sandwiches… I joined the US Marines out of high school and moved out to California. They have never heard of it out here. Well recently I got an address that wasnt a PO Box and we finally got some shipped out… My eyes lit up when I saw the package! Now I just have to figure out a way on how to get it to Iraq when I am out there for the next 7 months! I love your product!
    Nancy Bondy Lakewood OH – July 2007
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: My father was famous for our “Sunday Breakfast Feast”, having been a cook in the Army during WWII, he was adept at cooking for large groups and I have 7 siblings. I honestly don’t know where it came from, but when the Taylors Ham was in the house, he would have to hide it. We would be given rations if we begged or actually annoyed our parents enough, you would think there was no other food in the house. Thanks for letting me stroll down memory lane, I can smell it frying as I type! A few years ago I found a local shop that would order Taylors Ham for me, my contribution to the family Easter get together, but they have since closed. Thanks!!!
    Kasey Willis from Bellaire, Texas July 2007
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: My step-mother is from Cedar Grove, New Jersey. So everytime we went to visit my grand parents there when i was younger we would have taylor ham as much as possible and even brought some back with us!! Everytime they came down to visit i was sure to let them know to bring some Taylor Ham with them too. They would bring lots of it and we would freeze it and make it last as long as we could…. which was never very long. We loved to have it with breakfast and make sandwiches for lunch and all kinds of things. And i never got tired of it. Even know the thought of it makes my mouth water and makes me feel like a kid again. Thanks to Taylor Ham and my grand parents i was a well fed youngster. haha :0)
    Elaine Dunning, South Carolina

    Talking to Kate earlier today, we got to talking about NJ. And I was telling her all about the summers my sister and I spent at the Jersey shore. We used to dance on the Steel Pier many moons ago, at the Tony Grant Stars of Tomorrow Show. But our first stop was always to the Taylor’s Ham store on the boardwalk, then to Mr. Peanuts. All of this was way before all the Casino’s where on the boardwalk. This was all back in the mid-to-late seventies. Remember the horse that jumped off the pier, and all the amusement rides. Those were the good old days. Its a shame the the kids today can’t enjoy all those good times like we did. Do you still have to pay to get on the beach. Do they still rent the big tents and chairs for the day. One day I’ll get back to Jersey and check it out. Thanks Kate, your the BEST.
    Lex Leeming, NJ – Lex sent us a new slogan when he ordered a roll of Taylor’s Ham for his Dad during the 2006 holiday season. He was trying to think of a note to add and commented on how weird it must seem to send meat as a gift when out popped “Nothing says Love Like Meat in Your Mailbox!” Thanks, Lex, the slogan went on many orders after we posted it on the main page!
    Chuck Gold was Newark, NJ – now Las Vegas NV, Sept 2006
    Aaaah. Remembering Taylor Ham Pork Roll in the burlap sack: How I long to relive the aroma and taste of Taylor ham. Having recently seen a commercial on the travel channel re: Taylor ham, I have gone crazy until I found it in a Smiths market, brought it home, fried it and much to my amazement the taste and smell was exactly how my memories were. What a find. To the Taylor ham people and who ever got this put onto the travel channel, my heartfelt thanks.
    P.S. My belly thanks you too.


    Chuck Gold.
    Richard Brightman, Honea Path, SC
    Sept 23, 3006

    I live in South Carolina now. I was born in Red Bank and I remeber Taylor Rolls being a big part of my life as a kid. My Grand ma would serve it for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch and would cook it up with cloves and glazing as a ham.

    We moved to Va. when I was 5 but, went back to Califon NJ several times a year where “Gram” would make us this treat of “Taylor Ham” You can’t find it anywhere here in the south unless you want to drive for hours.

    I ordered taylor ham or “pork roll” and Sabrett hot dogs. (I introduced my southern familly to real hot dogs) They loved em!

    I’m going to cook breakfast this weekend and introduce them to Taylor ham- Pork-Roll. I’m sure they will love it !

    I’ve lived without it for so long but, now I have a connection.
    Mark Webster, Grand Haven, MI
    Sept 2, 2006

    My paternal family hails from Kearny, NJ.I have fond memories of spending my birthdays driving out to New Jersey to visit family in Brick, Pt. Pleasant and Sea Girt. Somebody in my family would always manage to step on my birthday cake which was stowed in the “safely” in our un-airconditioned stationwagon. We would all have a laugh as they would sings the birthday song to me.

    Anyways, as a kid in the 70’s, I always remember waking up to this wonderful aroma at my cousin’s house in Brick. I’d meander into the kitchen and all the adults would be talking over coffee and as an 10 year-old I’d ask, Is that Taylor’s Ham that I smell? And my dad’s eyes would light up as he nodded. It is an unmistakably wonderful aroma as it cooks. A zillion memories from my summers in Jersey are fixed to that aroma. I was in Jersey in 2004 and brought 2 rolls home and continued the tradition. Both of my daughters enjoyed it for the first time. As I write this, my mouth salivates.
    Ted Ellis – Franklin, TN
    August 23, 2006
    My Memories of Taylor Ham or Pork Roll: I remember as a kid growing up in Philadelphia in the 40’s and 50’s when our family would make our annual visit to Atlantic City and or Wildwood NJ.

    I can still taste those Taylor Porkroll sandwiches as we sat in our bathing suits at the Taylor Porkroll stand on the boardwalk. I remember watching in anticipation as the porkroll would be slowly moving along the track of the grill and waiting until the porkroll was grilled to perfection. I’d muster it up and drink a coke as we sat on the stool watching the people walk by on the boardwalk. A great memory.
    Joe Good – Yuma, AZ –
    July 17, 2006 – ‘Tis summer and the temperatures as well as the orders for Taylor’s Ham are rising. Why some might ask would orders from AZ and TX be increasing at this time of year?

    Could be summer reminds you of times gone by. Of walking the boards at Atlantic City when the smell of Taylo’rs Ham cooking would fill your nostrils long before the shop was in sight. And long before the casinos came. When a little sand with your pork roll seemed natural.

    Taylors Ham is to Jersey as Scrapple is to Philadelphia. And when one moves from The East and moves West, the appreciation for our native foods linger on.

    Yuma, AZ has all the sand it can handle but it lacks the ocean. Even the Colorado River is not as wide as Pennypack Creek in Philadelphia. And when we escape from the desert and head to San Diego and the Pacific Ocean, it is still not the same as going to the Jersey Shore; you can’t smell the ocean breezes from miles away. Once upon a time, cars did not have air conditioning and we could really smell the outdoors.

    So when our memories take us back to days gone by we long for the foods of our youth… and we share with folks who only know Toco Del and Toco Ding Dong. A couple eggs over easy, scrapple, and hash browns will beat any Grand Slam Denny’s has to offer.

    Now if I could only find some real hoagie rolls!

    Joe Good
    Yuma, AZ
    Ed Young
    Pasadena, CA
    August 9, 2006

    I guess I’m in a nostalgic mood, so I just ordered some Pork Roll. When I was a kid in Connecticut (50 years ago) we used to go to Atlantic City and Asbury Park for vacation. My father, who was originally from New Jersey, used to take us to Taylor Pork Roll shops on the Boardwalk for a Pork Roll sandwich. And that’s how we always knew it – as Pork Roll. Nothing like a breakfast of Pork Roll and eggs at a Jersey diner! Although I seem to recall some diners in North Jersey listing it on the menu as Taylor Ham.

    Ed Young
    Pasadena, CA
    Wendel Allen Alexandria, Virginia
    July 19, 2006

    I think it was in 1941 that I visited Atlantic City. I arrived hungry and immediately found a small cafe on the boardwalk that was advertising Taylor Ham sandwiches. Well I tried one, and found it to be fantastic. Later that day, I saw the diving horses, and danced to Benny Goodman’s orchestra at the Steel Pier. It was a great day! I finally bought a condo at Ocean City, Maryland which was much closer for me. Time marched on, and I recently made another trip to AC. I wanted a repeat of my visit almost 65 years ago. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the Taylor Ham place. When I returned home, I immediately searched the internet, and found that all I had to do was to call Kate at: 1-866-4NJ-PORK. I called and found Kate to be a very charming and efficient young lady. I think she has friends in the Post Office Dept., for I had hardly hung up when I found a package of Taylor Ham on my doorstep. I rushed to the kitchen and fried myself a sandwich. It was just as good as I remembered, and while sitting in my kitchen I could see it. I could see the diving horses, and could hear Benny Goodman’s clarinet! It was a great memory.”
    The Jersey Girls of