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Just ordered our holiday package of Taylor Pork-Roll. The customer service person was so helpful even after I asked to increase the number of 6# rolls . she went out of her way to make the adjustment and did her best to get my order to me as soon as possible. Such service is to be commended and rewarded with a BIG THANK YOU !!! I’ll be buying this product as long as I have teeth to chew it,,,maybe longer. Happy Holidays

Todd Chambers

Thanks so much for your wonderful service all these years!  My extended family loves Taylor ham and it is such a treat for them to get it at Christmas. We now live all over the country including New York, California, Washington, Alabama, Illinois etc. It is so great that I can do all my family Christmas shopping all at once and know that they will receive their meat fast and fresh.  Thank you so much and keep up the great job!!

Nancy MQ, Sedro Woolley Washington

When I called in my order on Wedesday I never expected it to get here by today. Our family has been ordering for Thanksgiving every year since 2005 but due to illness this year it was overlooked. I called and gave Keith my order and explained it is my daughter’s birthday this Saturday and he assured me it would arrive in California by then. Well, it did and when I called to tell him how pleased I am with the service, he suggested I put it in writing so here it is.

To Kate, Keith, and the pork roll team, your customer service is outstanding.

The Galliani Family

I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS! I ordered an 8-pack of Taylor Ham as a get well gift for a buddy recovering from back surgery in Florida. I placed the order last Thursday after 5PM and I received an email from him Monday the 19th saying he had received it!  We used to be co-dependent Taylor Ham junkies here in Jersey before his move and he hasn’t tasted its deliciousness since.

I’m sure it will speed his recovery!

Thanks again for the  excellent service.  You made my day and his!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

James Kershaw

I would just like to thank Kate for her great business traits, and her personal interest to please a customer.
I ordered pork roll for my son who moved to Florida, from New Jersey, He loved his pork roll & cheese at a Sunday morning breakfast. I got an email saying it was being returned to Kate because of the address not posted correctly. I thought I put in the correct address, and the company had possibly made an error.
Kate walked me through, and showed me the original form where I had made a mistake. Even though I made the mistake, she was very kind, and gave me a special discount, knowing that I had fully made an error.
I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful treatment, and only wish all business staffs would be so understanding and kind. Kept up The Proud American Way, which our country was built on,and we have lost so much of .What a pleasure to deal with your company.

Barry D. Neighbour

Just wanted to say “Thank You”

The package arrived next day in perfect condition, with my Sabrett Hotdogs.

“Thank You” for your excellent customer support, you answered all my never ending questions.  Thank you again.

A pleasure to do business you,


I wanted to say “Thank You” to all of you who made this possible:

Late Wed. evening, 12/12/07, I placed an order on your web site for a Taylor’s Ham gift to be sent to my mother in CA.  I knew I should have ordered earlier …. And I wondered if I did everything correctly on the web site ….

But then amazingly on the following Monday my mother called me mid-day (before I got around to calling her to tell her to check her front door for a package) to say she had received the gift, gel packs still partially frozen, and she had just enjoyed a Taylor’s Ham and egg sandwich!!!

(She’s a NJ girl who grew up with Taylor’s Ham and she missed it for years until we came up with the idea to send her one as a gift!)

I’m sure you were swamped with Holiday business.  Thank you for getting my order out so quickly!!!

This is my 2nd excellent experience with your company – So I wanted to say “Thank you” for the excellent customer service.

With kind regards,

Marsi Bolles

I just wanted to *Thank You* so much for your caring, assistance and professionalism in handling a last minute order (# 014094).
Due to you, the order arrived in time for my son’s “New York style party”. My ex-wife said the hot dogs were a big hit in Santa Barbara.

We had ordered from another company, some knishes (early for the party) needless to say they arrived 11 days late and spoiled.
I don’t know if it would make since for you to add knishes to  your product line …. but, something for you to think about.

*Thank You*again, for *GREAT SERVICE*. We will recommend you, and use you again.

Richard Stokes

Kate: Thanks very much for your reply.  I was surprised at the shipping speed, and really just was wondering if it had been shipped yet!  I had no idea it had already gotten there (my dad didn’t call me to let me know).  My dad grew up in Hightstown, and hadn’t had Taylor Ham for (he figures) about 50 years, so I was hoping it was a good call for Christmas.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your company’s fast service.  I’m glad I found you, and I will be ordering from you again.  Customer service like this is almost impossible to find these days, and you can quote me on that.

Yours truly,


You did it again. My order arrived in two days, and in this busy holiday season, too!  Fantastic! I don’t know how you do it.

At the gathering of our “clan” next week, we old duffers (ages 75-80) will reminisce about the good old days of our childhood in suburban Philadelphia and Penna. Dutch country as we feast on good old Taylors Pork Roll and Scrapple. There is nothing else like it!

The packaging was in excellent condition and the ice packs still frosty. Those insulating box liners you use are amazing!

Well, keep up the good work and we’ll be in touch again sometime.

Happy Holidays and best wishes from your friend in Madison, WI,



THANK YOU for the excellent service (AGAIN).  Everything was perfect.  We had our “down home” PORK ROLL” breakfast on Thanksgiving morning and a “Sabrett Hot Dog with Onions in Sauce PARTY on Friday night.

We had ex-tri-starters from New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Philly chow down in the Phoenix Valley, on these special treats.  Your stuff really brought back memories of home.  EVERYONE gave the side events RAVE reviews.  All the kids left with their “Drakes Cakes” for desert.

THANK YOU ALL for helping make this Thanksgiving week an extra special occasion

Mike K, Longwood CA

I received my Pork Roll last week (10/24/07). It arrived in excellent condition still chilled and ready to go. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen a 6 lb Pork Roll. We left N.J. almost 30 years ago and dearly miss the best food in the U.S.
We had a relative visiting from the N.J. and had him bring us a Pork Roll. It was the 1 lb size and was gone in one sitting. I was pleased to find that I could actually get the REAL thing delivered to my door in California.
I made the mistake of making a Pork Roll, Egg, Cheese and Fried Onion, on a Kaiser Roll (can’t get HARD ROLLS in CA either) for my son. He was only a small child when we left N.J. and had never experienced the treat. He was immediately hooked.
My Pork Roll is gone! My son took it home, and brought it to work. To make a long story short, MY 6 lb Pork Roll was devoured at L.A. City Fire Station #10. The “A” shift packed it away for lunch. AND LOVED IT!
I’ll be placing ANOTHER order soon to be sent to Arizona where our family of N.J. refugees meets each year to celebrate Thanksgiving. ONLY this time I’m including the Sabrett’s Hot Dogs and the Onion Sauce too.
Based your superior service I’m sure the family will be pleasantly surprised to be treated to a N.J. FEAST the weekend after the holiday.


Our 3# Taylor Pork Roll arrived this morning in time for our first pork roll breakfast in 40+ years.
The package was in perfect condition and the pork roll still good and cold.
Thank you so much for your prompt shipment and excellent packaging.

Best regards…..Jaye and Ben Quinn

Thank you Kate for many reasons. First for being there with your wonderful company and customer support. You solved my problem of how to get 6 lbs of porkroll to AZ from NJ in safe condition with our vacation to Vegas. My cousin in AZ received her porkroll as you promised. She was trilled. I have to thank you for all the trouble with the 4th of July holiday shipping. Thank goodness for your calming messages to reasure me that this order would get there in perfect condition. I know you went above normal shipping practice to be sure that this order was handled properly. I just can’t say thank you enough to make this special request come true for my dear cousin Linda.
Your very truly and thankfully,

Sue Schoblocher

Thank you so much. Your service was awesome! My brother, who lives in NJ and I in Nebraska unknowingly both ordered my father a Taylor Ham for Father’s Day. Kate recognized the name and the town they were shipped to and called to ask me if I would like to go through with the second order or not. My dad is in his late 70’s and two six pounders would have been alot so we decided to send it at a later date. I am so impressed that Kate took the time to call rather than just place the order and ring up the sale. Kate, I am a long time customer and look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

P.S. In a real twist, my H.S. aged kids surprised me with a Taylor Ham for Fathers Day. It arrived in Nebraska cold and fresh and we had it for lunch the same day. My kids are hooked as well. I am sure they will be long time customers.

Do you think you can send any of the Jersey shore?

Ray Mckenna – York NE

Hi, Kate!

Just wanted you to know that I received the pork roll in perfect, cold condition Monday morning.

Te pork roll was just as good as I remembered it being 40 years ago. My husband just loved it, too, so we will be ordering it on a regular basis.

Thanks so much for caring enough to ship on a Saturday, which I know you don’t normally do.

From one Jersey Girl to another – you’re the BEST!!!!

Susan Bernson, Westerville, OH

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Your customer service is great!

I will certainly deal with your company in the future.

Millie, Riverton, WY

I had your porkroll mailed to a former New Jersey resident residing in VAcaville California. She received the Porkroll in two days time and the packaging was still frozen.

Thanks again,

Elaine Pitta

Arrived thursday the 11th safe and sound, not bad for 1100 miles, thanks.

John M. West Fork, AR

Got it today…..thanks for the great service and product!

Ken W. Rio Vista, CA

The 3# pork roll I ordered arrived in this morning’s mail and it was still cold. Fantastic packing job!

Have not had a Taylor ham sandwich since I was a kid. (Many, many moons ago.) Found the pre-sliced packages in Florida while on vacation this early spring and was hooked again. I’m looking forward to having the real deal tonight.

From Jon M of Toledo, OH


Airbourneagle – Apple Valley, CA

Product arrived cold and fresh!! You have a new customer .AAAA++++

Robert L – Farmington, MN

I have been ordering from Kate for several months now and I have found her to be a person of her word. She has always insured that I was completely satisfied with every thing I have ever received. I for one make sure to ORDER EARLY around the Holidays. As Christmas was approaching I made sure that I placed my order in the first week of the month as the Post Office will tell you as Christmas gets closer they are overwhelmed with packages. The thing about it you can always freeze most everything you order from NJ Pork Roll. I for one Kate would like to thank you for keeping me supplied with one of lives little pleasures TAYLOR PORK ROLL! I guess the moral of my story here is why put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Please keep doing what your doing and I for one will continue to be a happy satisfied customer. To all of you at NJ Pork Roll and your families a very warm wish for a Happy Holiday Season!

Len Maxey, Bixby OK

Just wanted you to know that our pork roll arrived. We had some for dinner last evening. delicious. Plus, we shared with all of our New Jersey friends. It immediately brought back fond memories of the shore.

Pleasure doing business with you,

Bill and Jane Howland, North Port, Fl

Here’s a time-line for how my order went…
Monday & Tuesday – I read about “Jersey Pork Roll” on an online message board from someone who was looking to get some after relocating to Denver. He was interested in a local deli, but I prefer to cook myself. He got the info for there in Denver, and I found out about a Deli here in the Seattle area that carries it, but it would be a 60 minute drive into downtown to get it as I live & work WAY out of town.

Tueday night – Talked about it with my friends here in the Seattle area who relocated from NJ 20 years ago and they remembereed the name Taylor Ham.

Wednesday – Ran a web-search and found several online shops selling Taylor Ham Pork Roll.  Ordered the hams via the easy to uses website (and also posted the info on that original message board in case anyone else wants the info.)

Friday – Packages delivered and when I got home they were sitting on my doorstep. Unwrapped the insulation to find the iceblocks were still 3/4 frozen. A great packing job.

Saturday morning, I got up early and diced some Taylor Ham into little cubes, fried it up with some red Bell pepper, Walla Walla sweet onion, and added scrambled eggs and toast. Yummy! The smell woke my wife up and she commented that the meat has a very nice flavor. Not too spicy and certainly less salty than others.
We made grilled pork roll sandwiches yesterday for lunch, and when my wife woke up hungry this morning at 3 AM she snuck a slab for a midnight snack.
It’s reminiscent of a very mild Summer-sausage.
Good product
Great customer service and speedy packing/shipping
Great packaging
Fast delivery
Good pricing

What else would be reasonable to ask for?
I’ll order again when we run out.

Have a great week,

Tom Knudtzon, Seattle, WA

My post-mistress called me at 7:30 this morning – I went right out and picked it up.   When I got it, I could feel that the package was cold!  That was great!  The post-mistress wanted to know what it was, so I gave her the quick history of John Taylor and his famous Jersey Pork Roll! lol They could tell I was already salivating.

When I got it home and unwrapped it, everything was ice-cold.  Truly amazing! There’s nothing like receiving a full 6lb. roll of Taylor Pork Roll.  What a rush! I‘m going to take some photographs of it while it’s still intact.

Thanks for your personal attention in this matter. You will be hearing from me from now on for my Pork Roll & Tastykake needs. lol

Thanks again,

Michael Murphy

My order arrived today in perfect shape.  I can’t wait to have some. I will be ordering again.

Jeff Gilbert

I am very impressed with the effort and personalabilty. If another outfit even offered to save me money it wouldn’t be worth it. I hope we do a lot of business for us and the pork roll.  You said it, you did it. No ifs or and or buts, it was done. Thanxs Kate

Darryl Harriot

Moved to Mpls in 1968 and have missed Taylor Ham since then. I went to GOOGLE and got your website, and ordered.  Problem is that PayPal wouldn’t accept my MasterCard.


THANKS KATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Windmuller

I am a first time customer, and I called late in the day Wednesday with an order. Kate bent over backwards and I received my order on that Friday; Wow !!!!! She’s quite a gal.

Jerry Kallinger of Darlington, SC

Ordered my Taylor Ham on Thursday and got it Saturday! Tried the other pork roll site first (before finding this one), but got a much better deal here. Been out of Jersey 25 years and no one anywhere else knows what Taylor Ham is! Glad I found this site. Now, if only I could find a good hard roll recipe!

Joe Crook

“Thank You JERSEYPORKROLL.COM your customer service has been a great experience. Thanks for the 110% effort.”

Ryan Van Horn of Boca Raton, FL

Had trouble with my pork roll getting delivered so it was not good when received. You were 100% behind your business and sent another one in its place. Thank you so much.

Kay Press

Thanks for going the extra miles for me. Other sites might sell porkroll, BUT not only do they charge more, they could not match your customer service. Not to mention, the love that is wrapped in each box. All this writing is making me hungry, I better go fix a porkroll sandwich

Susan Morris of Hawaii

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