Sabrett Hot Dogs, Bacon, and Cheese or Angels on Horseback2018-10-01T17:50:44+00:00

This is delicious at home, camping and at picnics. Years ago the Girl Scouts called this recipe “Angels on Horseback.”

  • 8 Sabrett or any Hot dogs (But NOT the brand that plumps when you cook them. They swell up and explode the cheese and bacon off)
  • 16 oz. Uncooked Bacon
  • Cheddar or American Cheese cut in Strips
  • Toothpicks

Cut strips of cheese and lightly fry bacon. Let bacon cool until you can touch it. Split a hot dog half-way through and place cheese strips in groove. Wrap a slice of bacon around the hot dog and push a toothpick through to hold it closed. Place on pan in broiler, or cook over hot coals until bacon is crispy and hot dog cooked. Cheese will drip off, so make sure you pre-cook bacon enough before wrapping it around hot dog and cheese.

Sabrett Hot Dog with bacon and cheese

Sabrett Hot Dog with bacon and cheese

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