Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you freeze Pork Roll?

A. Yes, you can freeze it as well as all of our other products except for the candy items.
From the FSIS: Freezer storage length of time is for quality only. Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.
Item                                                               Months
Bacon and Sausage (Similar)        –  1 to 2 months
Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats –  1 to 2 months

Q. Is Taylor Pork Roll gluten free?
A. The manufacturer says “Although no gluten is added during the production of our pork roll, we cannot guarantee the feed provided to the animals did not contain gluten.”

Q. What is the expiration date on Taylor Pork Roll?
A. Every package of Taylor Pork Roll has an expiration stamped on the plastic wrap on each roll, or the box the Sliced Taylor Pork Roll is packaged in. It is safe to use the product right up to that date.

Q. Are Sabrett Hot Dogs gluten free?
A. Yes, they are now stamped “Gluten Free.”

Q. Are you the manufacturer of Taylor’s Pork Roll?
A. No, we are an independent retailer of Taylor Provisions products. We are a family owned company in business since 2000, specializing in the products you see within this website since 2004. Taylor Provisions no longer ships Pork Roll directly. We also sell Sabrett, Habbersett, Fralinger’s, Tastykake and products made by several other manufacturers.

Q. Other sites require much more expensive Overnight Shipping. Should I choose Fed Ex Express over the US Postal Service?
A. Unless you’re shipping to Hawaii or are shipping Scrapple (which is fresh – no preservatives) to a remote or rural area, the US Postal Service is a fine choice. If you do not have US Postal Delivery to your door or you prefer Fed Ex you may do so. We also ship to PO Boxes, APO and FPO addresses. We can not ship pork to the Middle East under any circumstances as it is against Federal Law.

Q. Why can’t I buy a Taylor Pork Roll or Taylor Ham tee shirt from your website?
A. We would love to be able to sell them! However, Taylor Provisions owns the trademark for both of those names and does not allow any other company or individual to use their trademarks on any other products. (Hats, mugs, aprons) When you see them being sold online, those vendors are violating Federal Law and can be prosecuted for doing so. We copyrighted and own “Jersey Pork Roll” as well as “NJ Pork Roll” many years ago so when you see them used elsewhere, they are also unauthorized.

Q. Do you or your employees write the testimonials because I don’t see any negative ones?
A. Nope, not us. We just got asked that for the first time recently as it would seem some sites do write their own. Ours have been sent through email for years. When the old Guest Book is back up you will see some odd comments left from 2005 on in their entirety.

Enjoy your order!

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