Trenton Pork Roll – 6 LB Roll


Trenton Pork Roll – 6 LB Roll
Model # T-TR-6

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Made by Taylor Provisions also, this is also considered Taylor’s Pork Roll but Trenton is milder tasting than the original.


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  1. Fred McCarthy says:

    What is the difference between Taylor Ham/Pork Roll and Trenton Pork Roll, other than packaging? Thanks!

  2. James Harman says:

    I purchased the 6 lb. Trenton pork Roll. Can i freeze this product for later use?

  3. Trey says:

    I actually like Trenton a little bit more than Taylor but they are very similar. I believe Trenton hickory smokes their porkroll but its not something over powering.

    I typically cut my logs into 6 and freeze them. Usually they last up to a year in the freezer

  4. Eddie says:

    Taylor is spicier and yes you can freeze it

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