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    Bobby W              Ocean Township, NJ                                      California blows. Were it not for places like this we would be forced to eat garbage. There is not a single butcher, baker or deli here. Thank you for allowing us transplants to still get the good stuff.     April 12, 2012

    Tim Dunigan       Originally from Woodbridge NJ                                 We grew up with Pork Roll. I never heard of the name Taylor Ham.  My mother would cook it up with breakfast or on a roll with ketchup for lunch.  this was a regular and inexpensive lunch time favorite at our house or when we went camping.             April 12, 2012

    larry irwin            florida                                  I AM 64 YEARS OLD BORN 02/08/1947  A FORMER UNITED STATES MARINE  VIETNAM VETERAN I WENT IN TO THE MARINES IN 1964, WENT TO VIETNAM IN 1967 TO 1969. GOT OUT OF THE SERVICE IN 1970 receive an Honorable discharge.   I STARTED EATING Taylor Ham WHEN I WAS A LITTLE PERSON       March 30, 2012

    Carla  Jacob         Georgia                                               I was a jersey girl for most of my life and moved to Georgia about 4 years ago. Thinking of opening up up a small business and sell pr,e and c sandwiches only. A lot of military are here and I know I would make a mint. Missing my pork-roll and the jersey shore.  March 27, 2012

    David     West Orange-now in Nashua,Iowa                                         Got my 6 pound roll less then a week ago and mostly gone now. Four boxes of Krimpets and only one left. Shipping was on time, customer service (Kate I believe was her name) was excellent. Cravings are still daily so I’ll probably be ordering again within a month.             February 14, 2012