employees were given the day off on April 25, 2006. The special occasion was brought to us by Soprano Sue providing tickets to the taping of the Bruce Springsteen Good Morning, America live from Convention Hall.

The photo on the right is of the old Casino building on Asbury Ave and the Boardwalk. The new sign on the decaying building is a hopeful sign of the future. If you’re interested in the revitalization efforts in Asbury, click here.

The line stretchedGood Morning America sign welcoming all including Jersey Girls of Jersey Pork for several blocks down the boardwalk by 6:00 am but it was a short wait as the security and Convention Hall staff were so organized.  Bruce stepped onto the stage shortly after 6:30 am, introduced himself to the small crowd, and said he was still wearing his “jammies.”

The bed head he first came on stage with was still there for the taping, although he did change into jeans and a real shirt. 
 The next three photos examples of why you should not try to take photos in the dark at a concert. We had to keep our fingers over the flash because of the TV cameras.