Instructions for Cooking Taylor’s Pork Roll-Taylor’s Ham on a stove, a grill, even a microwave:

Split only enough of the burlap casing and plastic to be able to roll the case down and cut off as much as you want for one sitting. Cutting too far down could dry out your pork roll, even when you wrap it up to put back in the fridge. Plus, it doesn’t look as cool as the Taylor or Trenton pork roll should. The casing is part of the mystique, which is why buying it in little cardboard boxes kills the true Taylor Ham™® experience. (So they say!)

How you slice it depends on your preference. Some people like it paper thin, and cook it in a frying pan till it’s crispy. Some people cut it thick, and barely warm it up. (Kate of, prefers paper thin slices of well-cooked pork roll.)

Cut little notches, or slices around the edges; 4 cuts should do it. This keeps the slice from curling up when you cook it.
It should look like this right before it hits the frying pan!

Here in Jersey breakfast can consist of a cup of coffee and a buttered hard roll, but real Jersey Boys and Jersey Girls know what a “Triple Bypass Sandwich,” is– Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a Hard Roll.