Taylor Ham/Taylor Pork Roll – Two 1.5 lbs rolls


Taylor Ham/Taylor Pork Roll – Two 1.5 lbs rolls
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Order 2 of the 1.5 lbs rolls of Original Taylor Pork Roll, also known as Taylor Ham®
This product is formally known as “John Taylor’s Original Taylor Pork Roll,” but many of us in Jersey call it simply, “Taylor Ham.” Pork Roll has been manufactured since 1856. It is pre-cooked, hickory smoked, cured and can be safely shipped unfrozen all year long in proper packaging.


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  1. Barbara Gerweck says:

    My 16 yr. old Grandson loves Taylor Ham which is not available near his home in Longmeadow. MA. When he comes to visit we must go to Scott’s Corner Market just across the line from New Canaan to get enough for him until next time. If I order the 2- 11/2 lb quantities, what is the expiration date???

  2. 2 questions: Can One 1.5lbs of Taylor Ham be put into the Freezer
    and….what is the Expiration date on these two Taylor Hams?

  3. Kate says:

    The expiration dates are generally six weeks to two month after date of purchase and much longer on the sliced boxes. Pork Roll can be safely frozen for future use if it has not been previously frozen.

  4. Diane says:

    I born New Jersey always ate pork rolls many years then moved out to live in Illinois not have pork rolls in Illinois reason i always order it always online .. really miss it so much it s delish best number #1

  5. Albert says:

    I love Taylor ham but when I cook it taste very salty for some reason. Doesn’t tastes like it does when I buy egg and Taylor pork at deli when they make it. Anybody know why?

  6. Kate says:

    Hi Albert,

    Your deli might be using Trenton pork roll which is a milder flavor and used often in restaurants and delis.

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