Taylor Ham-Pork Roll Thin Sliced 12 Boxes


Taylor Ham-Pork Roll Thin Sliced 12 Boxes
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Twelve boxes of Original Taylor Pork Roll, also referred to as “Taylor Ham,” thinly sliced in convenient 6 oz packages for a total of 4.5 lbs.
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  1. William Kinney says:

    having been born and raised in NJ – moving to Missouri has been quite a culture shock. The biggest disappointment has been NO Taylor Pork Roll – but I found this website and now I get six month supply of Pork Roll. I have shared it with friends here (but only one box!) and they also love it. One friend doesn’t even share with her sons! She says “There is nothing like it” -she can’t describe it but she definitely loves it. Keep the great quality, great taste and easy ordering. Love Taylor Pork Roll!!

  2. Ginger Gee says:

    After being in Texas almost 20yrs., you’d think I’d be over it. However, it’s just one of those things from my childhood that I still crave from time to time. At least I don’t have to bug my sister to send it anymore. Although, I do miss her paying for it!!!

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