Taylor Ham/Pork Roll – 2/3 lb Rolls


Taylor Ham/Pork Roll – 2/3 lb Rolls
Model # TAY-2-3

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Price: $47.95

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Lower Price  when you buy two 3 LB. Rolls of Original Taylor Pork Roll also called Taylor Ham- 6 LBS. Choose from several shipping options:  US Postal Service Priority Mail in a reusable cooler or choose Fed Ex Home Delivery or Express..

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  1. Carol Bilney says:

    We just love this stuff. Originally from NJ now is Missouri and can’t find it here.

  2. gen grif says:

    I’m from jersey and so thankful this stuff can be shipped, so are the kids.

  3. jamie yoder says:

    Born and raised in Jersey with Taylor ham part of growing up. I’ve been out west for 25 years. A few years ago I introduced it to my kids Christmas morning and now I’m in the dog house if I don’t get it for Christmas. A must have!

  4. Bev Schaefer says:

    Born, Raised, & schooled in New Jersey….grew up with Taylor Pork Roll …when I married & moved to Penna…we used to have my parents bring us a roll or two. Years later…moved to New Hampshire…had friends bring a roll up, until we found this site…have ordered thru the past 6 yrs.

    We can buy it locally at a few specialty stores but they only carry 1#rolls, & price is absurd!! Our Son recently wanted to introduce his girlfriend to the we doubled our order.and will bring a roll to their new home. We were sure sorry to see the horrible Fire and Loss on the Seaside Park Boardwalk…all those businesses lost…but we know they will re-do once again…hard as it will be…I spent alot of my teen years enjoying the dances on the boardwalk, and the rides…Taylors Pork Roll, Great Salt Water Taffy, the best Pizza, and Jimmy Buffs Sausage, and Lemon Ice!!!! Yummers!

  5. Geraldine Warden says:

    Just ate for the first time. I am a deep south woman and had never heard of this product until I worked with 2 Jersey originals. Yesterday they made ham, egg and buttered bread sandwiches for us. Great stuff.

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